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Original artwork for your home or business

If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint. 

- Edward Hopper


I have always found magic in the process of bringing something new into the world by my own hands. I was lucky to be born with a certain creative gift that showed up in drawing, painting and crafting throughout my childhood.  Over time, I developed an appreciation and admiration for the truly talented people who can imagine a completely novel or unexpected concept and then manifest that into a form for others to experience and enjoy.  I respect creativity as both a given talent that should be nurtured and a skill that must be developed and practiced.  I’m inspired to cultivate that ability within me. Creating gives me energy and a sense of accomplishment’s just fun.


My artistic process is primarily intuitive, though I have taken a variety of art classes and have studied color theory and composition on my own. I learn mostly through observation and a lot of experimentation. Honestly, my art feels like something that just comes out of me, and I let it.  I put the pieces that I like out in the world and let others decide if they like it, too. If they do, great. If not, I consider it a fun experiment and keep trying.


I’ve always loved abstract art because it is so open to personal perception. Often, it’s not immediately obvious what the work represents which then invites visceral and unfiltered reactions from the observer. I am fascinated by the variety of emotional responses and interpretations that the same abstract painting can evoke in different people.  With abstract, I can really explore the endless options for pure freedom of expression with no expectations or rules. Ultimately, I want to keep fueling the instinctively creative part of my brain and, along the way, put something positive into the world that might bring delight to people who experience it.

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