Thank you for your interest in my artwork.


I have always found expression and fun in creating. Using acrylic paints and mixed media on canvas, my art is focused on bold abstracts and representational landscapes. 


My approach to painting is mostly intuitive, letting the paint and tools guide the composition and details as I go. Paint, react, paint…until each piece tells me that it is complete.  I strive to create an interplay of colors, textures and space with movement, contrast and balance.  I am inspired by studying other artists’ techniques and all forms of art as well as nature, architecture and other design.

My hope is that my art brings delight and joy to those who see it. My goal is to create work that engages viewers and asks them to formulate their own interpretation of what is represented on the canvas.  The entire process of creating gives me energy and sharpens my view of the world around me.  When that leads to making something that is seen as beautiful or intriguing or captivating, I am a happy artist.

Unless otherwise noted, pieces on this site are available for purchase. Contact me for pricing and delivery options.  I'm also available for commission work.

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