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From an early age, Merritt Richardson enjoyed creating, finding magic in the possibilities of bringing something new into the world by her own hands.  At a crossroads between graphic design and business upon entering college, opportunity directed Merritt to a business degree and, subsequently, a long prosperous career in an intense, fast-paced corporate life at a major sports product company.  As a business and product strategy leader, she gained a greater understanding of the power of good design, the importance of color and quality materials and the emotional connection created by strong storytelling.  Her profession afforded her the chance to travel extensively, observe many cultures and experience first-hand some of the most inspiring creations, events and places in the world.


Career and family responsibilities relegated art to an occasional hobby until Merritt retired in 2017.  At a new crossroad, opportunity now allows her to draw on life’s experiences to explore the creativity she always knew would play a major role in her next chapter.  Painting acrylic abstracts has emerged as her passion.  Primarily self-taught, she draws on her knowledge of color theory and love of texture to intuitively create vibrant, bold, energetic pieces.  She is inspired by complex simplicity and unexpected contrasts which are both prevalent in her work. Her favorite aspect of abstract is the variety of reactions and emotional responses that different people have to the same painting. 


Initially creating for family and friends, she has expanded the reach of her work through private commissions, social media and local “featured artists” events.


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🎥: @taylor.m.alie


Exhibitor, Superfine Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA

October 2022

Exhibitor, Summer Festival, Bend, OR

July 2021 & 2022

Exhibitor, Smash Art in The Square, Denver, CO

June 2022

Exhibitor, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts' Art in the Park, Lake Oswego, OR

June 2021

Dec 2020

Exhibitor, Superfine E-fair, on-line

Featured Artist, Cascade Sotheby, Lake Oswego, OR

July - Sept 2020

Sept - Oct 2019

Featured Artist, Frame Central Pearl District, Portland, OR

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